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The colony has been troubled from get-go. Even without the disconcerting witchery within the village, settling new frontiers have proven remarkably difficult. Nonetheless, the colony must turn its attention to the wild lands beyond the palisades. Its resources are key to survival.
Though teeming with wildlife and rich in resources, the surrounding swampland is covered in a constant mist. Attempts to expand the husbandry have met with failure. The cattle grow weak, their milk sour, while eggs are laid in various shades of green. Is the witchcraft going on within the small community only a symptom of a grander, unnatural phenomenon? Can the countryside be cleansed to turn the colony into a thriving colonial foothold?
100 all new cards for the Witch and the Hunter
New Resource: Gloom. 30 Gloom Tokens
9 new villagers and suspects
4 scenarios
All content is 100% compatible with the base game

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