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Scipio: Sworn Enemy of Hannibal

Scipio: Sworn Enemy of Hannibal





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Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. (I shall either find a way or make one.) — Hannibal the Barcid. In 203 B.C. two genius strategists vied for the fate of the world.
Hannibal: The renowned Carthaginian general; and Scipio: The Roman Hero.

SCIPIO is a two-player strategy board game: players take on the role of military leaders to command the armies of an ancient age to crush your enemy. Develop a formation and give orders to your armed forces — never be too aggressive nor too passive.

The game is played over a series of rounds.
Phase One
1.Place command cards.
2.Reveal Command Cards.
3.Deal Damage.
4.Draw New Orders Cards.

Phase 2
The second phase repeats the steps of the first phase.
The only difference is the Command cards available to you. Both players can only use the remaining 3 cards that they didn’t play in the first phase.

Phase 3
Shuffle Strike Order tiles and Return Command Cards to Hand.

If any one of your opponent’s Formations becomes empty (has no tokens in it) when they remove Troop Tokens, The game is over! and you win.

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